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Race Director's Calendar

This calendar is being presented as a planning tool for race directors in selecting possible race dates for the upcoming racing season. It is an unofficial listing -- skiers should NOT use this information to plan racing schedules, lodging plans, etc.

  • Races that have a date filled in have at least tentatively planned for that date.
  • Races with 'R.I.P.' have been cancelled.
  • If there is a symbol next to the race name, then this is a new event for this coming season.
  • If the date is marked in blue, that denotes a race that has changed its date significantly (more than a week forward or back) from the previous year.

If you can provide specific details on any of these races, or if you'd like to submit a new race, please use our Race Listing form.



December 2017  
December 2017

??? Duluth XC Wednesday Night Ski Series, 4-5K [update]
Duluth, MN   Last date: Dec.7-Mar.15 2016
??? Elm Creek Series, 5K freestyle, 5K classical [update]
Maple Grove, MN   Last date: Dec.7-Mar.1 2016
??? Hoigaards Relays, 6x1.5K relay masters; juniors [update]
Maple Grove, MN   Last date: Dec.10 2016
Dec.14-Mar.1 Fresh Air Series, 5K freestyle [update]
Thunder Bay, ON   
Dec.16-17 Houghton JNQ, classic sprints; 5K, 10K, 15K freestyle [update]
Houghton, MI   
??? Skinny Santa Solstice Ski, 10K freestyle [update]
Elk River, MN   Last date: Dec.17 2016
??? Winter Warm-up, 5K, 10K freestyle [update]
Maple Grove, MN   Last date: Dec.24 2016
Dec.26 Boxing Day Classic, 5K, 10K classical [update]
Thunder Bay, ON   
??? Double Pole Derby, 13.4K freestyle [update]
Cable, WI   Last date: Dec.28 2016
Dec.29-31 Tuscobia Winter Ultramarathon, 80, 160 miles ski, bike or run [update]
Park Falls, WI   Last date: Jan.6-8 2017


January 2018  
January 2018

Jan.3-8 US Nationals, [update]
Anchorage, AK   
??? Lapham Peak Series, 4.9K freestyle, classical [update]
Delafield, WI   Last date: Jan.4-Feb.15 2017
??? Hoigaards/MYSL Team Sprint Series, team sprints [update]
Minneapolis, MN   Last date: Jan.4-Mar.1 2017
Jan.6 SISU Ski Fest, 15K, 31K freestyle, classical [update]
Ironwood, MI   
Jan.6 Dammen Nordic Ski Race, 8K classical; 13K freestyle [update]
Austin, MN   Last date: Jan.28 2017
Jan.7 Pre-Loppet, 17K freestyle [update]
Minneapolis, MN   
??? Balsam Vinter Fest, 10K, 20K freestyle [update]
Amery, WI   Last date: Jan.9 2016
Jan.9-Feb.13 Madnorski Race Series, 5K, 10K freestyle, classical [update]
Madison, WI   
Jan.13 Snekkevik, 12K, 24K freestyle; 12K classical [update]
Wausau, WI   
Jan.13 Seeley Hills Classic, 22K, 42K classical [update]
Seeley, WI   
??? Buena Vista Snowjourn, 12K classical, freestyle [update]
Bemidji, MN   Last date: Jan.14 2017
??? SMU 10K, 10K classical; 10K freestyle [update]
Winona, MN   Last date: Jan.17 2016
Jan.19-26 Masters World Cup, [update]
Minneapolis, MN   
??? Montebello Niteski, 6K classical, freestyle [update]
Bemidji, MN   Last date: Jan.20 2017
Jan.20 Three Rivers Ski Rennet, 26K freestyle, classical; 10K freestyle, classical [update]
Bloomington, MN   
Jan.20-21 Cable JNQ/CCSA, 5K, 10K classical; 5K, 10K, 15K, 20K freestyle [update]
Cable, WI   
Jan.20 HinderBinder, 12K, 24K classical, freestyle [update]
Camp Forest Springs, WI   Last date: Feb.18 2017
Jan.21 Langlauf at St. John's, 9K, 25K freestyle, 7K, 16K classical [update]
Collegeville, MN   
??? Lapham Loppet, 11K freestyle, classical [update]
Delafield, WI   Last date: Jan.21 2017
R.I.P. Boulder Lake Ski Race, 11K, 32K freestyle [update]
Duluth, MN   Last date: Jan.22 2017
??? Dam Phunski Race, 10K freestyle, classical; 5K freestyle, classical [update]
La Farge, WI   Last date: Jan.23 2016
Jan.27 Badger State Winter Games, 7K, 21K, 43K classical, freestyle [update]
Wausau, WI   
Jan.27 Noquemanon Ski Marathon, 12K, 24K, 50K classical, freestyle [update]
Ishpeming, MI   
??? Tour de Kamview, freestyle sprints Fri; 2K, 5K, 10K classical Sat; 5K, 15K, 30K freestyle Sun [update]
Thunder Bay, ON   Last date: Jan.27-29 2017
Jan.27 City of Lakes Loppet Classic, 42K, 21K classical [update]
Minneapolis, MN   
Jan.27 Edgewood Winter Blast, 6K, 9K freestyle; 5K classical [update]
Fargo, ND   
??? Iowa Winter Games, 8K classical; 10K freestyle [update]
Dubuque, IA   Last date: Jan.28 2017
Jan.28 Nordic Spirit, 14K classical; 14K, 26K freestyle [update]
Duluth, MN   
??? King Boreas Winter Triathlon, 5k run, 17k bike, 6.5k ski [update]
Saint Paul, MN   Last date: Jan.29 2017
Jan.29-31 Arrowhead Winter Ultramarathon, 135 miles [update]
International Falls, MN   
??? Marine/O'Brien Ski Race, 12K, 25K classical; 12K, 25K freestyle [update]
Marine on St. Croix, MN   Last date: Jan.29 2017
??? Iola Norseman Challenge, 10K classical; 20K freestyle [update]
Iola, WI   Last date: Jan.29 2017
??? Lumberjack Jaunt, 6K, 16K classical; 6K, 16K freestyle [update]
Brainerd, MN   Last date: Jan.29 2017


February 2018  
February 2018

Feb.3 Big Island and Back, 10K freestyle, classical [update]
Excelsior, MN   
Feb.3-4 Ishpeming JNQ, freestyle sprints Sat; 5K, 10K classical Sun [update]
Ishpeming, MI   
??? Pilot Knob Ski Race, 9K, 27K freestyle [update]
Forest City, IA   Last date: Feb.4 2017
??? Moraloppet Ski for the Cure, 10K, 20K freestyle [update]
Mora, MN   Last date: Feb.4 2017
??? Mt. Ashwabay Summit Ski Race, 10K classic, 11K freestyle, 21K pursuit [update]
Washburn, WI   Last date: Feb.4 2017
??? Wolf Tracks Rendezvous, 24K, 42K freestyle, classical [update]
Minocqua, WI   Last date: Feb.4 2017
Feb.4 City of Lakes Loppet Freestyle, 42K, 21K freestyle [update]
Minneapolis, MN   
??? Langlauf XC, 5K, 10K freestyle, classical [update]
Hubertus, WI   Last date: Feb.5 2017
??? Erik Judeen Classic, 10K classical [update]
Duluth, MN   Last date: Feb.5 2017
Feb.10-11 North American Vasa, 12K, 27K, 50K classical, freestyle Sat; 6K, 16K classical Sun [update]
Traverse City, MI   
Feb.10 Vasaloppet USA, 42K classical; 58K, 35K freestyle; 13K freestyle [update]
Mora, MN   
Feb.10 Pre-Birkie, 26K, 42K freestyle, classical [update]
Hayward, WI   
Feb.11 North End Classic, 12.5K, 24K classical [update]
Cable, WI   
??? Pincusion Mountain Winter Festival, 10K, 32K classical [update]
Grand Marais, MN   Last date: Feb.12 2017
Feb.15-18 NCAA Regional Championships/SuperTour, sprints Thu; 5K, 10K classical Sat; 15K, 20K freestyle Sat; [update]
Ishpeming, MI   
Feb.17-18 Coleraine JNQ, freestyle sprints Sat; 5K, 10K classical Sun [update]
Coleraine, MN   
Feb.17 Forest Frenzy Winter Tri, ski 9.5K, snowshow 6K, fat bike 9.5K [update]
Boulder Junction, WI   
??? Minnesota Finlandia, 25K classical; 50K, 25K freestyle [update]
Bemidji, MN   Last date: Feb.18 2017
??? Snowflake and Inga-Lami Races, 11K freestyle men; 11K freestyle women [update]
Maple Plain, MN   Last date: Feb.18 2017
??? Eirawen20 Ski Race, 10K, 20K freestyle [update]
Sturgeon Bay, WI   Last date: Feb.18 2017
??? Ice Age Challenge, 5K freestyle; 15K, 22.5K freestyle [update]
Madison, WI   Last date: Feb.18 2017
??? Book Across the Bay, 10K freestyle [update]
Ashland, WI   Last date: Feb.18 2017
??? Beaver Dam Classic, 5K, 10K, 20K classical [update]
Mora, MN   Last date: Feb.19 2017
??? Woodland Loppet, 10K, 20K freestyle [update]
Elk River, MN   Last date: Feb.19 2017
Feb.23 Kortelopet, 29K freestyle, classical [update]
Hayward, WI   
Feb.24 American Birkebeiner, 51K freestyle; 55K classical [update]
Hayward, WI   


March 2018  
March 2018

Mar.3 Sleeping Giant Loppet, 8K, 20K, 35K, 50K freestyle, classical [update]
Thunder Bay, ON   
Mar.3 Pepsi Challenge, 24K, 48K classical; 48K freestyle; 24K freestyle; 10K freestyle [update]
Biwabik, MN   
??? Squirrel Hill Loopy Loppet, 18K classical, freestyle, 6K mixed [update]
Minocqua, WI   Last date: Mar.4 2017
??? Stump Farm Race, 15K freestyle; 4K freestyle sprints [update]
Green Bay, WI   Last date: Mar.4 2017
Mar.4 Stride, Ride, Glide Tri , 5k Run, 10k Bike, 10k Ski [update]
Superior, WI   
??? River View Loppet, 12K, 24K classical, freestyle [update]
Brule, WI   Last date: Mar.4 2017
Mar.4-11 Junior Nationals, [update]
Midway, UT   
??? Minnesota State Pursuit Championships, 10K duathlon format [update]
Minneapolis, MN   Last date: Mar.5 2017
??? Black Lake Loppet, 12K freestyle, classical [update]
Bemidji, MN   Last date: Mar.6 2016
Mar.10-17 Canadian Nationals, [update]
Thunder Bay, ON   
Mar.10 Great Bear Chase, 10K, 25K, 50K freestyle, classical; 50K skiathlon [update]
Calumet, MI   
??? Hoigaards Slush Rush Race, 10K freestyle; 5K freestyle [update]
Bloomington, MN   Last date: Mar.11 2017
??? Lappe Invitational, 5K, 10K classical, sprints [update]
Thunder Bay, ON   Last date: Mar.11 2017
??? Springloppet, 12K classical; 12K, 24K freestyle [update]
Grand Rapids, MN   Last date: Mar.12 2017


April 2018  
April 2018

??? 24 Hours of Lappe, 24 hour race [update]
Thunder Bay, ON   Last date: Apr.1-2 2017
??? Lappe Run and Ski , 5K, 10K duathlon [update]
Thunder Bay, ON   Last date: Apr.8 2017

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