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January 7, 2013

1st Annual No Poles Shovel Race at Battle Creek

What: Ski the 5km race loop at BC with skis, no poles…but a shovel (bring your own)

When: Tues Jan 8th, 8pm AND/OR Wed Jan 9th, 8pm

Duration: 1.0 hrs, followed by “award ceremony”

How: Slowly ski the 5k and shovel in any bare spots to keep them covered and from spreading. Also probably the stadium/start areas. Not a big snow moving event – just enough of the surrounding snow to keep things covered.

Ben Popp

Pre-Loppet Shovel Party

This past Friday we held a small shovel party and took care of the Back-40/Twin Lake Loop and the Judy Loop on the Back-9 section of the course. The Park Board finished the snowmaking loop this past week and Sisu held the second day of the Twin Cities Championships yesterday. The race went well thanks to the shoveling efforts!

The Pre-Loppet - scheduled for this weekend - goes all the way to Wirth Lake. To make it to Wirth Lake with a high-quality course we need to do a little shoveling. Plan is to have three snowmobiles going - each with two tubs. We need people who are expert at shoveling - and that's why we are emailing you!

Wednesday Jan 9th: 3 - 5:30 p.m. Meet at 3 p.m. at the bridge going over Wirth Parkway in front of the Chalet.  Bring a "coal" style shovel, wear boots.

Pizza at Loppet World Headquarters afterwards . . .

If come late, crews will be starting on the Front-9/Skyline Trail and heading south on Tornado Alley (under 55), finishing on the west side of Wirth Lake (Jar Hill). Or call Crew Leaders Craig Rudd at 763 242-0176 or Zach Handler at 612 209-9101.

John Munger

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