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Minnesota Metro Area
  Twin Cities area [ forecast/conditions ]
  • Apr 17 - Elm Creek Park Reserve (Maple Grove):
    Conditions: Northern Lights has deep skier made track.
    Channel 12 news filmed and interviewed the skier behind me this morning so lots of excitement at Elm Creek today.
    (Wayne Nelson)
  • Apr 17 - Elm Creek Park Reserve (Maple Grove):
    Conditions: Skied the Northern Lights trail about 10:30 a.m. Several had been out before me so there were deep tracks. Glide was good.
    I measured 9 inches in Maple Grove. My waxless skis worked well. This is my third last ski of the season.
    (Mark Basiletti)
  • Apr 16 - Elm Creek Park Reserve (Maple Grove):
    Conditions: Wheel well deep!
    Broke out the mis-matched pair of skates and cut a classic track around the lake. Skied right from the car. One other guy on the course as crazy as us. A good 8 inches in spots. Lodge was closed, so no post ski hot coco. Barely made it out of the parking lot. Till next season.
    (Blake Bristow)
  • Apr 16 - Theodore Wirth Regional Park (Minneapolis):
    Conditions: Skiable fresh snow.
    I kicked around a bit on both sides of the golfcourse. Was better than sitting inside. If you invested in zeros you could collect dividends tonight; wet snow at 32 degrees made waxing tricky. I settled for lots of kick and no glide. No grooming of course, but the lights are still on around the snowmaking loop.
    (Zach Handler)


Minnesota Northeast

  Duluth area [ forecast/conditions ]
  • Apr 22 - Snowflake Nordic Ski Center (Duluth):
    We have continued to ski every day. Early mornings have been the best with still 24 plus inches of snow. No matter what we are closing May 7th.
    (George Hovland, Snowflake Nordic Center)
  • Apr 22 - Spirit Mountain (Duluth):
    Conditions: 98% covered, worst is at the beginning!
    My timing was right at 9:30am today as I skated the mixture of mature snow, white styrofoam snow, and a wee bit of grass on the 5k and 3k. Depths on the trails continue at 1-2 feet which should provide pleasurable crust skate skiing on those close to freezing overnights and fun classic anytime to make record late ski logs!
    (Eve Graves)
  • Apr 21 - Piedmont Trail (Duluth):
    Conditions: 1-2 feet of snow at at least 99.9% coverage!
    I classic skied the trails of Piedmont around 11:30 today when temps were near 60 and the snow was fast and fun! Mature, corn snow was present throughout the system and footprints were only in the first part of it. There are maybe 1 or 2 very small bare spots on the trails and the only more significant portion that is missing snow, and it's not missing much at all, is on the turn left from the loop to the final portion where you go up the hill on the part you can skate on to the downhill finish. I "fell" off the side of the trail by accident and was up to my knee...that's how much snow is there!
    (Eve Graves)
  • Apr 20 - Snowflake Nordic Ski Center (Duluth):
    Conditions: Surprisingly good.
    5:00pm ski on the 5k loop was quite nice. Track was still present from Friday's (?) grooming and in good shape. The entire loop had a firm base, even with the temperature close to 60. My 2 sons and I found conditions to be better than a few weeks ago when conditions were soft. The south facing hill has again begun to melt out under the sun, but there was a strip of snow a few feet wide that made passage easy. Not time to put away those skis yet!
    (Matthew Daly)
  • Apr 20 - Snowflake Nordic Ski Center (Duluth):
    Conditions: Great crust early, deep base remaining everywhere.
    With a hard freeze, the crust skiing was excellent this morning. After the softening started, the groomed 5km loop was still excellent until mid-morning. The classic track from Friday is obviously not powder anymore, but it has been well-used and is still deep and in good shape. The only thin spot on the 5km (the short, steep south-facing downhill) was shoveled Saturday on the right side to bring the base back up to about a foot, but it will go quickly with these temps. Morning skating should be good this week.
    (Bruce Bauer)
  • Apr 20 - Spirit Mountain (Duluth):
    Conditions: 1-2 feet of snow with some skied in tracks.
    This Easter morning at Spirit there was tons of snow
    At least a foot or two don't ya know
    Tracks down the middle were starting to fade
    My fresh ones laid carefully on the side for the next skate
    To have room when it gets below freezing at night
    Signs of Mr. Bunny were seen all around
    Yet not one egg was found anywhere on that snow covered ground.
    Plenty of great skiing left for us diehards this year
    Still using "A" skis ain't that amazing to hear?
    Plan to ski to late May how can it possibly melt
    With all this great snow we were thankfully dealt!
    (Eve Graves)
  • Apr 19 - Biskey Pond Ski Trails (Duluth):
    Conditions: The entire Wolf Run Trail still has almost complete coverage so it is not necessary to take skis off. One puddle requires a very short detour. The recent grooming and set trail makes for good skiing still. Side trails had a few bare patches, so I stuck mostly to the main drag. An early-morning Easter expedition may still be possible for die-hards looking for that last outing of this ski season.
    Deep in my wax kit I found an old tin of Rex sticky yellow wax. A couple dabs under the toes, on top of Swix red-violet in the kick pocket, proved to be just the ticket. At dusk, woodcock performed their twittering mating dance in a swamp not far from the parking lot. I had never observed that while skiing until now!
    (Tim Larson)
  • Apr 18 - Biskey Pond Ski Trails (Duluth):
    Conditions: Awesome and freshly groomed with some well groomed grassy spots too!
    HugeE thank you for the early post about grooming today! We took advantage of it midday and had a blast. How wonderful it was to be out on freshly groomed trails on April 18th. Once you get past the main drag trail, there are a few grassy portions, just walk over them...there's more snow!
    (Eve Graves)
  • Apr 18 - Biskey Pond Ski Trails (Duluth):
    Grooming plans: At 8am this morning, grooming is underway. A track is being set on the outer loop. That route is Wolf Run to White Pine to Birch Ridge to Eagle and back up Wolf Run.
    (Joan Sutliff)
  • Apr 17 - Snowflake Nordic Ski Center (Duluth):
    Conditions: Three inches of new wet snow.
    Slow afternoon skiing with the wet snow. Tomorrow should be great morning crust skiing on the 10km.
    (Bruce Bauer)
  • Apr 17 - Hartley Park (Duluth):
    Conditions: About 4 inches or so of new ungroomed wet snow.
    Thank you to whoever skied in tracks on portions of the trail prior to my arrival today. I was surprised at how nice it was, absolutely no clumping or stickiness with my Trak waxless skis! The second time around it got even faster! There seemed to be about half the snow we got on the hill over the hill at Hartley. Watch out if you see mini craters in the snow, those are actually really deep footprints and can trip you up if you ski down a hill quickly and over one!
    (Eve Graves)
  • Apr 17 - Lester Park (Duluth):
    Conditions: Classic: Mid Spring perfect; Skate: No way!
    Received six inches of snow at the Deeps trailhead yesterday. The conditions are superb! 1 to 2 feet of snow throughout the trail system. My huge thanks to the couple of folks who skied before me and tracked the main system. I tracked the side trail above the Lester River waterfall. Thus, the entire system (8.4k) from the Deeps parking lot has really nice tracks. Skating would be really, really hard ... if not impossible. Twas truly a delightful experience ... Two waterfalls ... white noise of the roaring rapids from Amity Creek and Lester River ... robins singing deep in the woods ... and some sun! Get out there and enjoy!
    (Rich Hoeg, NorthStarNerd)
  • Apr 16 - Snowflake Nordic Ski Center (Duluth):
    Conditions: 10k crusty rutted with new snow filling ruts.
    Skated the 10k. It's quite rutted, but the new snow is hopefully filling things in. Maybe this will keep us going until May...
    (Carol Koos)
  • Apr 15 - Munger Trail (Esko):
    Conditions: Crusty spring snow.
    Skied from Kangas rd to Carlton and back had to remove skis for about 1 k. Keep saying it's my last ski but who knows. Trail is still better for skiing than walking.
    (Russ Mattson)
  • Apr 15 - Spirit Mountain (Duluth):
    Conditions: While trails have not been groomed lately, the corn snow was firm after cold overnight temperatures, suitable for both skating and classic. Trails were 99.9% covered with no hazards from ice or bare spots.
    The definition of a nice April in northern Minnesota is when the skiing is still pretty good. Today at Spirit Mountain was better than pretty good. What a wunnerful, wunnerful spring we are having in Duluth. P.S. Today staff opened the gate at the driveway entrance. The gate may look like it is locked; but check to see if the chain is actually locked or just wrapped around the gate.
    (Tim Larson)
  • Apr 15 - Fond du Lac State Forest (Cromwell):
    Had a fun, challenging ski on the trail this morning, snow was very hard and crusty. Trail is 95% snow covered yet. Great to be out on a beautiful spring day.
    (Lon Gervais)
  • Apr 14 - Spirit Mountain (Duluth):
    Conditions: Great crust skiing with some ruts.
    We classic skied today and temps were hovering around freezing after dipping to the 20's overnight creating awesome crust skiing where there were not ruts from the previous skiers. We stuck to the 5k, 3k and campground loops. It was so nice that I was able to skate on my Trak waxless classic skis!
    (Eve Graves)
  • Apr 14 - Snowflake Nordic Ski Center (Duluth):
    Conditions: 10k loop full coverage. Crusty corn snow throughout.
    Skated the 10k today. It was nice and fast with the cold temps at night firming things up. Had great glide and the trail is in good shape. It's a little uneven from others who sank in spots, but totally skiable.
    (Carol Koos)
  • Apr 13 - Lester Park (Duluth):
    Conditions: Lower System: Fair to good; Upper System: Good+.
    The Lester Amity Trails are still in good shape. Snow coverage is 99% with just a few bald spots at a trail intersections. Below "B" the packed snow base is 4 to 8 inches. Above "C" the packed snow base is 6 to 12 inches. Even with the heavy melt this week and a temperature of 43 during my ski, I never sunk down into the base (I weigh 175 pounds). I used Madshus fiber waxless skis and had a great kick. If you know where the Maxwell St. ski-in access for the upper system, use that entry point and avoid the lower system below "C". The upper trails were in amazing shape ... no hikers, just two other skiers had left tracks, and even no deer tracks. The deer are avoiding the heavy snow on the upper system. All downhills are in excellent shape with 100% good coverage.
    (Rich Hoeg, NorthStarNerd)
  Northshore/Gunflint area [ forecast/conditions ]
  • Apr 21 - Sugarbush Trail System (Tofte):
    Conditions were somewhat windy, but there were fewer trees on the trail than the last time I skied nearby. Skating the Oberg loop was pretty fun, with decent pole plants for the most part. Onion River Road had the best skiing, especially past the junction with Oberg loop, i.e. after the first mile. With the snow depth in evidence, it's hard to rule out a full 7-month span of skiing for the locals.
    (Matt Zak)
  Iron Range area [ forecast/conditions ]
  • Apr 17 - Mount Itasca (Coleraine):
    Conditions: 99% coverage on biathlon 2K.
    As of this evening, the 2K is still nice and skiable with the exception of a small portion of the Swamp Loop, which is easily stepped around.
    (Lindsay Sheridan)
  • Apr 16 - Giants Ridge (Biwabik):
    Conditions: Well groomed not too long ago, but icy today.
    Skied gold trail mid-day. Some parts were groomed with tracks probably Saturday or Sunday. Other parts hadn't been groomed for awhile. Everything rad relatively smooth, not rutted. It was very icy. Hopefully tomorrow be warm enough to loosen it up.
    (Ellen Fuge)
  • Apr 15 - Big Aspen Recreation Area (Virginia):
    Conditions: Temp was 15 F. East trail was rutted from skier out on warm day. Honeycombed and plenty of snow left but it was treacherous.
    Only did the inner loop. You could hear the skis on crust echoing throughout the woods. A rabbit sat in middle of trail eating as long as I stood and watched it. Need more freeze thaws to get to corn snow there. Still hope for one more ski.
    (Ron Kutsi)
  • Apr 14 - Carey Lake (Hibbing):
    Conditions: Toast... Highland connector to Southern Lights have patches open ground, ice, open water, soft sinking corn snow even at 25 degrees in the afternoon.
    It was a balancing act on strips of snow. And a short ski, about a half KM. Hibbing has less snow in the woods than the Virginia area for only 25 miles apart.
    (Ron Kutsi)
  • Apr 14 - Giants Ridge (Biwabik):
    Conditions: 20 degrees, 6-12" base and freshly groomed!
    Piston Bully was grooming this morning - the Summit and lower Gold trails were completed by mid morning and conditions were very good! The non-groomed routes are pretty hard and chopped up from the weekend, but today's grooming provides several quality loops to chose from. There is still a very deep base almost everywhere, and I saw only one bald spot all morning (on a steep south face along the Gold trail). I'm not putting away the skis anytime soon!
    (Shawn Callahan, Green Gate Guest House)
  • Apr 13 - Giants Ridge (Biwabik):
    Although you can still ski on a few trails at the Ridge (more than a foot of base), we officially closed the season on Sunday. Hint: the lower Gold/Cedar/Summit should still be good for skating the next few days with the colder weather. Thanks for a great season, bring on the bike!
    (John Filander)


Minnesota Central

  St. Cloud area [ forecast/conditions ]
  • Apr 17 - Graystone Trails (Saint Cloud):
    Conditions: Kicked in classical track.
    8 inches of new wet snow! Big Thanks to Jeremy Frost who kicked in a short lap around the warm up loop of the N. Loop! It was sticky wet snow but a good time! Waxless skis were used.
    (Kyia Anderson)


Wisconsin Northwest

  Cable/Hayward area [ forecast/conditions ]
  • Apr 19 - Birkie Trail (Hayward):
    Conditions: Good classic tracks on OO and Boedecker loops. Some debris collecting in the tracks but not bad. Swix Red Extra was passable until late morning when temps called for klister.
    What's up with all the dog tracks in the classic tracks? Very disrespectful of the groomers and other skiers. Other than that, great spring skiing!
    (Rolf Thompson)
  • Apr 19 - Birkie Trail (Hayward):
    Conditions: Soft and slow for skating. Better for classic. Was pleasantly surprised to find fresh corduroy on the skate deck even though I didn't avail myself of it.
    Broke out the no-wax classic skis and was not disappointed. A huge thanks to Chris for continuing to groom and to the Birkie foundation for continuing to pay for it. It makes me smile every time I pull out that trail pass.
    (Andy Schwartz)
  • Apr 18 - Birkie Trail (Hayward):
    Conditions: Very good for both skating and classic. A little soft at the edges and the periodic pole punch through kept it from being perfect.
    Started to get a little sticky as the day warmed up but if you got out anytime before 9:00 AM, the skiing was pretty awesome.
    (Andy Schwartz)
  • Apr 17 - Birkie Trail (Hayward):
    Conditions: Excellent fresh packed and tracked.
    12" new snow pisten bullied to Boedecker and back from OO. 10k loop plus the south loops is 3k more. Thanks groomers!
    (Joel Harrison, New Moon Ski Shop)
  • Apr 15 - Birkie Trail (Hayward):
    Grooming plans: 10+ inches of snow on the way again! We will groom late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning the OO loops and Bodecker loop... hoping for another winter wonder land experience!
    (Ben Popp, American Birkebeiner)
  • Apr 14 - Birkie Trail (Hayward):
    Conditions: Very good crust skiing.
    The return of cool morning temps have made for great skate skiing on the Birkie Trail. Ski 'till it's gone!
    (Scott Wilson)
  • Apr 13 - Birkie Trail (Hayward):
    Conditions: The trail is still very skiable.
    I skied from OO to Bodecker and back on both the classic and skate trails. The trails consisted of settled corn snow with great grip for no-wax skis and relatively fast downhills. The edges are thinning in places with a couple of bare spots on south facing hilltops. There was one "water hazard" on the skate trail just south of Bodecker. Great day to ski!
    (Connie Meek)
  Superior area [ forecast/conditions ]
  • Apr 17 - After Hours Ski Trail (Brule):
    Conditions: Ungroomed, 10-20 cm of moderately heavy new snow on a solid base.
    First time around the entry loop was a slow going submarining operation, second time twice as fast. Just need a few more diehards to ski in those tracks! Watch the white pine branch on the right side of the trail at the bottom of the first steep downhill.
    (John Ipsen, Duluth XC Ski Club)
  • Apr 13 - Superior Municipal Forest (Superior):
    Conditions: Sinky snow, 95% coverage of trails or so.
    We started to skate and realized the snow was too sinky so we changed to classic. There is still quite a bit of snow, 1-2 feet in spots on the trail, however, the typical spots that get water or exposed first are now exposed. The snowmobile trail was better than parts of the ski trail. We ran into Adam Clark, our local weather man and thanked him for all the great snow and cold this winter.
    (Eve Graves)
  Other locations
  • Apr 18 - Big Rock Creek Farm (Saint Croix Falls):
    Conditions: Who needs trails when you can make your own? We spent 3 hours between the Wert XC Ski Trails and Big Rock Creek. The snow transitioned from ice crust to a crust we could kick and glide on with our waxless wonders.
    A day in the sun makes for some fun and exploring new places puts smiles on our faces!
    (Kerry Bogenreif)


Wisconsin Northeast

  Rhinelander/Eagle River area [ forecast/conditions ]
  • Apr 19 - McNaughton Lake Trail (Lake Tomahawk):
    Conditions: Striding: fair spring conditions.
    A good skied in track was present. Temp at 8:00 am was 26 degrees so track was crusty, but softened up as temps warmed up. Parking lot was not plowed. Skating deck was crusted up and skiable.
    (Greg Dahl)
  • Apr 18 - Three Eagle Trail (Eagle River):
    Conditions: Very nice skied-in tracks through at least 10 inches of day old snow.
    Somebody did a fantastic job of breaking trail and laying down superb, skied-in tracks. Conditions are quite variable with sun exposure and temperature fluctuations but skiing today was very enjoyable.
    (Tom Rulseh)
  • Apr 17 - Bass Lake (Lake Tomahawk):
    Conditions: Striding: fair spring conditions.
    Wow what a storm - 14 inches of heavy wet snow. Lots of work to break trail, but worth the effort. Every where you look the trees were flocked, simply amazing. Skiing was slow, but now there is a trail. Temp at 2:30 pm was 38 degrees.
    (Greg Dahl)
  • Apr 16 - McNaughton Lake Trail (Lake Tomahawk):
    Conditions: Striding: good spring conditions.
    Still skiing! Tracks from yesterday were still in good shape, a few glazed areas from the sun, but very skiable and great glide. Temp at 7:30 am was 22 degrees and at 9:30 am was 28 degrees and just starting to snow.
    (Greg Dahl)
  • Apr 15 - McNaughton Lake Trail (Lake Tomahawk):
    Conditions: Striding: Great spring conditions.
    Apparently I am not the only diehard still skiing as all the striding trails were skied in already making for a great ski today. Temp at 10 am was 22 degrees and at 2:30 pm was 28 degrees, so snow never softened up. The skating trails had virgin snow on them and was fun breaking trail from the shelter to the road. Skied in track had great glide and great coverage. Awesome spring skiing!
    (Greg Dahl)
  • Apr 14 - Bass Lake (Lake Tomahawk):
    Conditions: Striding: Good spring skiing.
    Still skiing! Three inches of snow overnight, so I hit the woods behind Bass Lake and found the trails to be very skiable. There was still a base underneath the fresh powder, breaking trail was no problem, and then I had a trail on the return trip. Temp was 28 degrees and the snow was not wet. A very fun ski!
    (Greg Dahl)
  Green Bay area [ forecast/conditions ]
  • Apr 15 - Reforestation Camp (Green Bay):
    Conditions: Unbelievable for today.
    Probably last ski for the camp but if you get out today on "B" waxless classic you may have a great time. The dense snow means we didn't sink thru to the gravel. Did the entire Oaks loop around noon with near 100% coverage. Doubt that skating would be much fun.
    (John Rosebush)


Michigan Upper Peninsula

  Ironwood area [ forecast/conditions ]
  • Apr 15 - Miners Memorial Heritage Park (Ironwood):
    Conditions: Freshly rolled and tracked. A bit icy in places with some ruts. Plenty of base.
    The dedicated groomers are still at it, working the 4 inches of surprise lake effect that fell last night. What a fun ski tonight! Thank you!
    (Jonathon Rulseh)
  • Apr 13 - Wolverine Ski Trail (Ironwood):
    The trails were groomed today and track set. The tracks were great and skate lane had some uneven areas due to the soft snow. Today is the official last day of grooming for the season. The chalet will be closed but the Powderhorn and Cliffs trail remain open. No bare spots and still plenty of base. Thank you to the groomers and volunteers who made this season one to remember!
    (Deborah Leonard Polich, Wolverine Nordic Ski Trails)
  Marquette area [ forecast/conditions ]
  • Apr 16 - Valley Spur (Munising):
    Conditions: The track was absolutely great.
    On the snow 11:00 am, 30 degrees. Off the snow 3:20 pm, 30 degrees. Met a gentleman in the parking lot when I first arrived, that said he skied yesterday and the track was absolutely great. I couldn't agree more. I go to Valley Spur for Y & W trails. They are long rolling runs that let me get a good stride going. W was groomed yesterday and Y today. Both in excellent mid winter condition and its mid April. If you check the pics. It looks like there is some ice in the track. There isn't. It's old snow worked in with the new and was quite fast.
    (Tom Lane)
  • Apr 15 - Valley Spur (Munising):
    Conditions: Groomed and tracked.
    6" of new snow. 30" in the woods. Mid-winter conditions.
    (Eric Brown)
  • Apr 15 - Valley Spur (Munising):
    Conditions: 6" of heavy snow Monday morning, 27F with full sun today.
    Just groomed A, B, D and W. Classic Excellent with deep tracks and hard wax conditions. Skate deck firm all across.
    Grooming plans: Will add more trails tomorrow. This whole week looks good, so will groom through Easter for sure.
    (John Gierke)
  Houghton area [ forecast/conditions ]
  • Apr 21 - Lac La Belle area backcountry (Lac La Belle):
    Conditions: 30F at 7:00AM, 43F at 2:00PM. Awesome crust skiing conditions. Rocket fast in the morning and sweet and soft in the afternoon sun.
    I skate skied out my back door, along the shore of Lac La Belle, through the marshes, across Bete Grise, out to Point Isabelle and back. When I got home, I put on the Fischer crowns and skied back out there with my neighbors on an encore epic tour.
    (Ken Wikgren)
  • Apr 18 - Michigan Tech University Ski Trails (Houghton):
    Conditions: Excellent trail conditions at MTU, as they have been pretty much every day this season since November 23rd.
    I skied at the MTU trails today after the heavy snow buried the great crust skiing. Mt. Bohemia had good backcountry powder yesterday during the storm before the snow transitioned to wetter snow. Still lots of snow in my backyard at Lac La Belle.
    (Ken Wikgren)
  • Apr 18 - Michigan Tech University Ski Trails (Houghton):
    Conditions: Excellent classic and skate.
    12 inches new snow on a 2-foot base, tilled and tracked. Great spring skiing.
    (Pete Anderson)



  Other locations
  • Apr 15 - Porcupine Ski Runners Trail (Timmins):
    Conditions: Best late season skiing in Ontario. Entire trail system groomed and track set with near perfect conditions.
    Several days of sub-zero temps and steady snow have left the Timmins area with what looks to be a solid week of beautiful mid-winter conditions. About 30cm of freshly groomed powder over solid base (many areas have over a meter of snow off-trail). Grooming continues daily and the chalet will remain on regular winter hours until at least May 1st.
    (Dan Horihan)


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