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These reports are maintained by readers like you. Let us know about the rollerski trail updates/conditions in your area via our Rollerski/Training Report form. And if you're lucky enough to have snow, please file a Ski Trail Report. If you'd like to send along some photos, please e-mail those as attachment and we'll plug them into your report.
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Michigan Upper Peninsula
  Marquette area [ forecast/conditions ]
  • May 1 - Valley Spur (Munising): 

    Conditions: Still plenty of long stretches of snow.
    When we arrived at Valley Spur today, there was a "crowd"! We ventured over to other parts of the expansive 67K trails system and were pleasantly surprised to discover even more snow! As we climbed the Stairway to Heaven, we were treated to 99% coverage and a nice workout the entire way! We then went left on "G" and found even more great snow! We kinda got lost and ended up on "D" discovering much less plentiful snow. During our efforts to get "found" again, we happened upon Heaven, which was also 99% covered with snow the entire large stretch. It was nice to see others getting every last drop of skiable snow as I do every year! The groomers were there putting things away and I thanked them... about all they could do now is some leaf blowing for better glide in spots! Again, I highly recommend putting this trail system on your bucket list!
    (Eve Graves)
  • Apr 30 - Valley Spur (Munising): 

    Conditions: About 60-75% coverage!
    Valley Spur is my absolute favorite trail system anywhere because of the trails and the heated biffy! We heard there was still skiable snow and as we were approaching the area we became skeptical. Once at the trailhead, we found quite a bit of connected dirty corn snow with some more icy consistency at times. We were able to ski over 1.5 miles without having to take our skis off! We skied some of B, Z, G, and a few more. What a treat!
    (Eve Graves)
  Houghton area [ forecast/conditions ]
  • May 1 - Mount Bohemia Ski Trails (Lac La Belle): 

    Conditions: 39F at 9AM, 49F at 11AM. Snow cover on backside ranging from ridiculously deep to bare ground. Snow cover on front side pretty much gone.
    I started at the yurts and hiked part way up the hill to reach snow and then skied up to the summit and made a loop around the backside, back up to the top and then down to where I started. I put my trekkers back on my ski boots and hiked out.
    (Ken Wikgren)


United States

  • May 12 - Rabbit Ears Pass (Steamboat Springs, CO): 

    6" of new snow (wet) made touring on the pass really enjoyable. Snow is still about 2-3 ft deep but usually there is about 4 ft this time of year.
    (Scott Beattie)



  • May 20 - Seljalandsdalur (Isafjordur, Iceland): 

    Conditions: Tons of snow! Hoping for snow until mid-late June, maybe even mid-July. Currently ungroomed, and a little soft but still amazing skiing.
    One of my top three skiing experiences ever. The snow was warm and a little soft and currently ungroomed but the freeze-thaw cycle keeps it skiable. Itīs amazing and definitely worth while skiing on. The snow is white and really not even rock skis are necessary unless you want to adventure a little. If you are curious about coming to ski in June or July, let me know!
    (Steven Gromatka)


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