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These reports are maintained by readers like you. Let us know about the rollerski trail updates/conditions in your area via our Rollerski/Training Report form. And if you're lucky enough to have snow, please file a Ski Trail Report. If you'd like to send along some photos, please e-mail those as attachment and we'll plug them into your report.
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Minnesota Metro Area
  Twin Cities area [ forecast/conditions ]
  • Oct 23 - Browns Creek Trail (Stillwater):
    Conditions: Smooth asphalt.
    The new trail is paved from downtown Stillwater out to the Gateway. A slight uphill grade all the way makes for a perfect roll and it's as smooth as can be! Super sharp ferrules is a must. Crowds are not bad and there's a lot of happy faces out there. 12 mile round trip.
    (Chas Joy)
  • Oct 14 - Hyland Lake Park Reserve (Bloomington):
    Fall colors nearly at their peak at Hyland -- great time for rollerskiing (or trail running)!
    (Bruce Adelsman)
  • Oct 9 - Elm Creek Park Reserve (Maple Grove):
    Three Rivers has done some work at Elm Creek on the Northern Lights Trail. Widening the trail and filling in low spots and adding a couple of culverts. We might have to be a little more careful skiing early or if there is low snow however as there is now some gravel in spots where there didn't used to be.
    (Mark Lahtinen)


Minnesota Northeast

  Duluth area [ forecast/conditions ]
  • Oct 3 - Spirit Mountain (Duluth):
    Conditions: Mowed yet mushy.
    We saw the mower the other day and since it was snowing, we decided to check out the trails today on foot. We did a short part of each trail and found them really mushy with hidden holes! We picked up a bunch of trees that had fallen and Andre was out there working on the trail.
    (Eve Graves)


Wisconsin Northeast

  Other locations
  • Oct 19 - Lakewood XC Ski Trails (Lakewood):
    Conditions: Time for fall trail cleanup.
    Nice fall day. Most of the leaves are now on the trail as well as many trees. Several club members and volunteers do trail cleanup.
    (Tom Lane)


Michigan Upper Peninsula

  Ironwood area [ forecast/conditions ]
  • Oct 3 - ABR (Ironwood):
    We are receiving our first snowfall of the season tonight. The trail mowing was completeds yesterday on the SISU Ski Fest Trail so 78 km of trail have been mowed and are prepped and ready for winter. Bring it on!
    (Eric Anderson, ABR Trails)


Michigan Lower Peninsula

  Other locations
  • Oct 24 - Traverse City Nordic Fest (Traverse City):
    Conditions: Warm day on man-made snow in preparation for Nordic Fest on Oct. 25th.
    Griffin Schwab is the first skier to be on snow certainly in the Midwest and maybe lower 48.
    (Curt Peterson)


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