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These reports are maintained by readers like you. Let us know about the skiing conditions in your area via our Ski Trail Report form. If you'd like to send along some photos, please e-mail those as attachment and we'll plug them into your report.
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Michigan Upper Peninsula

Marquette area [ forecast/conditions ]
Apr 21Valley Spur    
MunisingMatt Zak
Conditions: Fading, but still firm where trail is covered.
Not a problem stringing together a couple hours of fast gliding with only brief & several bare spot step-overs. Thanks, Valley Spur, see you next year.

Houghton area [ forecast/conditions ]
Apr 26Keweenaw County backcountry    
Lac La BelleKen Wikgren
Conditions: 32F at 8AM, 42F at 2PM. One inch of fresh powder over 0-20" corn snow base.
After a couple days of rain, it turned to snow last evening, so I skied a loop around Mt. Bohemia and Mt. Houghton to see if it could still be done. I pulled it off with a just a little bit of hiking involved to get down Mt. Houghton, but otherwise amazingly good rock skiing. Melting fast this afternoon in bright sunshine.
Apr 21Keweenaw County backcountry    
Lac La BelleKen Wikgren
Conditions: 40F at 8AM, 50F at noon. Well consolidated corn snow and patches of grey icy areas on the snowmachine trail. Many washouts and bare ground on the south faces of the big hills.
Today I skied from Mandan to Mt. Houghton, up and down and back. Pretty decent backcountry rock skiing the last three days on the North side of Mt. Bohemia, Mt. Houghton, and Gratiot Ridge. Probably still be good the next couple of days between the washed out areas, and then it will be over.

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