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High School

Elm Creek Results

by Melinda Silbernick
December 21, 2016

Conditions: Air Temp. 36 F. with a wind out of the NW 22 mph., which made the snow conditions icy and very fast.

Course: The course was the traditional 5k "lit" loop. Half of the course is man-made snow, and the other is natural snow.

Top skate finisher for the Male division was Zach Nelson (12:30), 2nd was Spencer Ware-Joncas (13:07). Top skate finisher for the Female division was Marit Sonnesyn (14:10), 2nd was Anna French (14:25). Top Male classic finisher was Adam Johnson (16:36), and Blake Weiss was 2nd (17:27). Top Female classic finisher was Daisy Richmond ( 17:01), and 2nd was Laura Moore (17:20).

Zach Nelson Male 12:30.096
Spencer Ware-Joncas Male 13:07.057
Laszlo Alberth Male 13:15.463
Andrew Haines Male 13:21.307
Andy Schakel Male 13:24.174
Nick Ross Male 13:26.844
Ryan Mead Male 13:28.517
Spencer Kotys Male 13:34.439
Ethan Erickson Male 13:41.343
Clayton Keim Male 13:43.078
Matt Lynch Male 14:05.941
Chris Sanville Male 14:08.342
Marit Sonnesyn Female 14:10.525
Adrian Swinson Male 14:11.513
Adam Johnson Male 14:22.854
Anna French Female 14:25.089
Regan Duffy Female 14:27.255
Alex Richert Male 14:27.787
Daisy Richmond Female 14:27.977
Laura Moore Female 14:53.682
Artie Huber Male 14:54.306
Will Valcutin Male 15:03.763
Beck Pope Male 15:04.601
Mata Agre Female 15:49.254
John Boller Male 16:01.777
Andrea Potyondy-Smith Female 17:43.000
Quinlan Bonnett Male 17:48.220
Chloe Foster Female 17:56.305
Madilyn Anderson Female 17:57.448
Drew Sampson Male 17:58.030
Amelea Haver Female 18:24.241
Jonathon Hudrlik Male 18:24.909
Jenna Stockinger Female 19:14.563
Ben Mahonen Male 19:15.546
Jessica Nieters Female 19:26.385
Sarah Larson Female 19:35.208
Gabriel Brand Male 19:39.289
Jeremiah Vanacker Male 19:46.888
Ava Wilson Female 20:25.374
Annabelle Stang Female 20:27.052
Sam Moberg Male 22:09.417
Andrew Scherer Male 23:00.934
Evelyn Hudrlik Female 23:33.800
Morgan Langer Female 26:15.971
Anares Pope Male 27:38.206
Dennis Curran Male DNF

Adam Johnson Male 16:36.761
Daisy Richmond Female 17:07.971
Laura Moore Female 17:20.350
Blake Weiss Male 17:27.910
Christopher Smith Male 17:43.878
Mata Agre Female 18:43.684
Andrea Potyondy-Smith Female 23:32.000

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