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Skinnyski.com High School Rankings - Round 4

February 5, 2017


A mix of data to work with for the last set of rankings before sections.  The biggest weakness in this round is the missing classical JNQ scheduled for Duluth, that was switched to another freestyle race.  But with many of the conference championships reporting in, there is a little more data to analyze for the team standings.

Notables: Irondale's McEwan Rodefeld coming onto the list as a late bloomer, posting some top times in the last week or so.  The metro boys take over control of the top ten based primarily on JNQ freestyle data -- classical races could flip that in the future.   Mara McCollor, Wayzata, keeps getting better as the season progresses, and Robbinsdale-Armstrong's Dottie Anderson seems to be peaking toward the end of the season.  Boys top three looks very solid, but things get slippery after that.  Girls is less certain, with Kelly Koch skiing the strongest right now, but a lot of evenly matched competition throughout much of the girls list.  Hannah Bettendorf, Proctor-Hermantown, still holding in top five but has been MIA in the last week or two.

The team standings get thinned out a little, as there were too many cusp teams to manage effectively.   St. Paul Highland Park boys gain some more ground, but overall like the individual rankings, we're feeling pretty good about the top 3-5 teams.

Watch for a final ranking after sections...

Boys Rankings

  1. Xavier Mansfield, Spring Lake Park/St. Anthony, 12
  2. William Kerker, Mpls Southwest, 12
  3. Patrick Acton, Eagan, 12
  4. Anders Sonnesyn, Wayzata, 11
  5. Luc Golin, Wayzata, 11
  6. Ian Ivens, Champlin Park, 12
  7. James Schneider, Wayzata, 9
  8. Peter Moore, SPA, 10
  9. Shad Kraftson, Stillwater, 12
  10. Ryan Steger, Eagan, 12

Cusp: Adlai Sinker, Mpls Southwest, 12; Josh Albrecht, Stillwater, 12; McEwan Rodefeld, Irondale, 12; Ben Olson, Blaine, 11; Torsten Brinkema, Mpls Southwest, 11; Ryan Mead, Forest Lake, 11; George Jarvinen, Edina, 12; Hunter Zupko, Little Falls, 11; John Swinghamer, Mora, 12; Nate Blichfeldt, Burnsville, 12; Alex Nemeth, St. Cloud Cathedral, 10; Henry Hall, Mpls Southwest, 10; Luke Crandall, Champlin Park, 12

Girls Rankings

  1. Kelly Koch, Burnsville, 11
  2. Luci Anderson, Robbinsdale-Armstrong, 10
  3. Mara McCollor, Wayzata, 10
  4. Hannah Bettendorf, Proctor-Hermantown, 11
  5. Erin Moening, St. Paul Highland Park, 12
  6. Dorothy Anderson, Robbinsdale-Armstrong, 12
  7. Anna Johnson, Mesabi East, 12
  8. Renae Anderson, Hopkins, 12
  9. Jenna Parent, Forest Lake, 11
  10. Regan Duffy, Forest Lake, 10

Cusp: Erin Bianco, Ely, 12; Sarah Olson, Blaine, 10; Kasia Bednarski, Mpls Southwest, 10; Rana Kraftson, Stillwater, 11; Emma Stertz, Grand Rapids, 11; Krista Holmstrom, Burnsville, 12; Leah Rudd, Robbinsdale-Armstrong, 10; Libby Tuttle, Stillwater, 9; Triana Willmert, Edina, 11; Siri Bohacek, Stillwater, 11; Anja Maijala, Cloquet-Esko-Carlton, 12; Charlette Brown, Benilde-St.Margarets, 9; Mae Barnes, Robbinsdale-Armstrong, 10

Boys Team Rankings

  1. Mpls Southwest
  2. Wayzata
  3. Stillwater
  4. Mora
  5. Champlin Park
  6. St. Paul Highland Park
  7. Eagan
  8. Forest Lake
  9. Edina
  10. Eden Prairie

Cusp: Duluth East; Grand Rapids; Minnetonka; Winona; Robbinsdale-Armstrong; Brainerd; Burnsville

Girls Team Rankings

  1. Robbinsdale-Armstrong
  2. Ely
  3. Stillwater
  4. Mesabi East
  5. Forest Lake
  6. Hopkins
  7. Eden Prairie
  8. St. Paul Highland Park
  9. Duluth East
  10. Burnsville

Cusp: Irondale; Mpls Southwest; Eastview; Wayzata; Henry-Sibley; Roseville; Little Falls

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