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Doug Boonstra

February 27, 2017


Minnesota Spring High School Coaches Meeting

I wanted to make sure all are aware of our spring coaches meeting in Mora on March 11. We will start at 9:30, and should be done right before enjoying a nice lunch from the folks at Mora. Please RSVP your intentions on staying for lunch so we have enough food prepared. I am putting together an agenda that is flexible, and wanting your input. If you have a concern, or an item that we should have on the agenda, please let me know, and we can go from there. This is what I have so far:

1. State Meet Proposal – grassroots effort to contact our MSHSL officials, by region, and educate them on our plans. Remember, we had an 80% endorsement of this proposal, lets make sure the appropriate people know what we are trying to do so it becomes a reality.

2. Wax: Not only does the ‘wax truce’ need to get some clarification or simplification, I have also heard of some concerns again regarding club waxing support. If this is an item to add that needs to be addressed, come with your concerns.

3. Pole Length: This will most likely be implemented next season. I am sure that the MSHSL would value our input into how we would like it to be enforced, so if we can be thinking of a system, or protocol ahead of time, it may be to our benefit to come up with something before someone tells us what it will be.

4. State Meet Banquet Review & Future.

5. Victor C. Dunder Award – update. See press release from Denny Green.

6. Other ideas?

If you would please RSVP to me by Monday March 6, so we can have enough lunch prepared. Please pass this email on to coaches who have not drunk the kool-aid yet and joined the association.

Thanks, and I hope to see you in Mora in a couple of weeks,

Doug Boonstra
Association President

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