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Major Sponsors

Organizations like ...

Central Cross-Country SkiingWAMXCBalsam Vinter Fest
Brainerd Nordic Ski ClubBlue Hills Trail AssociationNational Forest Lodge
Marine/O'Brien Ski RaceRossignolYellowstone Ski Festival
SuperFitSISU Ski FestMinnesota Nordic Ski Association
Minnesota FinlandiaNorth Shore Lighthouse SuitesSleeping Giant Loppet
Stillwater Nordic Ski TeamBluefin on Lake SuperiorWooden Skis
Friends of Hickory Ridge Ski TrailsCASTASnow Mountain Ranch
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Members like ...

Kathleen Miller (Metro MN)Ken Nelson (Metro MN)Josh McIntyre (NW WI)
Mike Kalstrup (IL)Barry Knapp (S MN)Tim Jennings (NE WI)
Scott Kirby (Metro MN)Brian Vamstad (SW WI)David O'Brien (Metro MN)
Scott Kylander-Johnson (NE MN)David Hajek (Metro MN)Pete Theismann (C MN)
Mike Berkopec (Metro MN)Jake Dalberg (NE MN)Rob Gardner (UP MI)
Will Edwards (SE WI)Perry Yoder (NE MN)Gary Machlett (NE WI)
Tony Knipfer (NE WI)Robb Lageson (Metro MN)Aaron Blazar (Other US)
M M Coady (Metro MN)Dave Perrill (Metro MN)Pete Peatrowsky (Metro MN)
Tracy Giza (C MN)Scott Kyser (Metro MN)Tim Rasman (NE WI)
Lisa Egger (Metro MN)Paavo Taipale (Metro MN)James Kelley (NW WI)
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